Nov. 04, 2021

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Mauritania and CWP sign “Glasgow Joint Declaration” on AMAN green hydrogen project at COP26

The Glasgow Joint Declaration

Islamic Republic of Mauritania & CWP – 4 November 2021

On the occasion of the COP26 Climate Summit, hosted in Glasgow, Scotland, from 1 to 12 November 2021,

Following the establishment by Heads of State of a set of new global goals (“Glasgow Breakthroughs”) to, inter alia, accelerate the development and deployment of green hydrogen as a critical technological tool for decarbonizing heavy industry and transport,

Welcoming the important advances made at COP26 in the field of energy transition as well as the commitment of a growing number of countries to support the large-scale development of clean energy alternatives to fossil fuels,

Recalling Mauritania’s support for the newly established African Green Hydrogen Alliance and the pioneering work of the United Nations High-Level Champions for Climate Action, including their help in initiating the Green Hydrogen Catapult,

Recognizing that Mauritania has exceptional wind and solar energy resources, which if well harnessed for the production of clean, low-cost electricity and for the large-scale production of green hydrogen and ammonia, will create a massive boost and a new industry for Mauritania, delivering economic diversification into high-skilled and labourintensive industries and services, sustained investments into physical infrastructure and human capital, and access to cheap power and water for the Mauritanian people, Recalling the signing in May 2021 of a Memorandum of Understanding between IRM and CWP Global, a leading green hydrogen project developer, for the initiation of plans to develop IRM’s first-ever green hydrogen hub, the 30GW AMAN green hydrogen project the Dakhlet Nouadhibou and Inchiri regions, which it is estimated has the potential to boost IRM’s current GDP by around 50% by 2030,

The I.R.M. and CWP Global jointly declare the following:

1. We confirm the implementation of the second phase of work to develop the AMAN project;

2. We confirm our joint vision for the rapid implementation of the AMAN project, which at full scale will comprise around 30GW of hybrid wind and solar energy to realise annual production of green hydrogen for 10 million tonnes of green ammonia, which will enhance IRM’s food security, access to green fuels and a massive new export industry; and

3. We agree to pursue the following timetable of milestones for development of the AMAN project:

A. Completion of feasibility studies by December 2022
B. Environmental and social impact studies by June 2023
C. Completion of the FEED by December 2024
D. Pursue financing agreements, FID & commencement of construction in 2025
E. Production commences before 2030

4. Preliminary economic studies indicate that the AMAN project will have a profoundly transformative impact on Mauritania’s economy and generate thousands of direct and indirect jobs, while contributing to the global energy transition and international efforts to combat climate change.

5. At the same time, we encourage the development of other associated projects in Mauritania, in the fields of desert agriculture, hydrogen-based transport, iron processing and other industries requiring abundant amounts of energy and water, which will allow us – all together – to contribute to the decarbonization of our planet as well as to continue developing the necessary technologies.

6. We invite all actors and future partners, sharing our vision and ambition, to invest in our country and say to them: Marhaba!




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