CWP has successfully developed, financed and built numerous
projects totaling 1,525 MW and $4 billion of investment, and is currently developing projects with a combined capacity of over
6 GW in Europe through CWP Europe. In addition, CWP’s green
hydrogen pipeline currently includes 7 projects on 3 continents
and over 170 GW of planned wind and solar capacity.

Our Tech Team

Our team comprises domain experts for each technology we touch upon, with no ‘black boxes’ – we have a deep understanding of every field and define all transfer functions. We believe in self-reliance but engage consultants to deepen our knowledge of specific fields of technology. When we do, we partner with world-class engineering companies and specialists in their fields to help optimize system design.

CWP have developed in-house expertise across the entire PtX value chain driving optimal project design and continuous optimisation

Renewable resource

  • State of the art technology, software, measurement and analytical techniques
  • Integrated campaigns with early deployment of on-site met masts and lidars

Generation & distribution

  • Assessment of optimal generation mix
  • Collaboration with OEMs for tailored wind turbine design
  • Energy storage solutions
  • Stable and cost-efficient distribution – node concept


  • Detailed and constant assessment of electrolyser manufacturers / OEMS
  • Assessing lifecycle, performance and warranties
  • Developing localisation and O&M concepts with OEMs

Hydrogen + derivatives

  • Turning electrons to marketable green molecules
  • Assessment of all potential end vectors
  • Detailed understanding of end-product production processes
  • Deriving critical transfer functions


  • Import and export logistics, including port, vessels and roads
  • Consultation with contractors, OEMs and local stakeholders
    to ensure integrated project planning
  • Promote localised assembly

Digital twins + software

  • Digital twin that integrates all the building blocks of multi-GW PtX projects
  • Chain of transfer functions with a smart selection of scenarios
  • Leveraging modern computation power to find optimum solutions

Our Tech

  • Guido Schumacher

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Dr. Marc Bednarz

    Director Hydrogen and Derivatives

  • Philippe Chabarot

    Director, Digital Twins and Tools

  • Jens Hennig

    Director of Power Generation & Distribution

  • Vladimir Krumov

    Director, Resource Assessment

  • Stephan Zerling

    Director of Infrastructure & Execution


Innovative project

Our projects are vast, encompassing a myriad of technologies. While these individual technologies have existed for decades, they have never been fully integrated on such a scale. The industry is experienced in planning and executing large projects, but the landscape is evolving, with traditional grid-connected operations transitioning to independent island operations with variable power. We are pioneering a new approach based on this, with no existing reference or baseline for green PtX projects.

In our projects, the upstream renewable power and electrolysis is distributed across the site area, with a building brick called “node”.

For each node, approximately 1GW of renewable power generation (whose ratio of wind to solar power is dependent on the location) feeds an electrolysis plant dimensioned at under 1 GW of capacity. This node model is replicated as many times as needed to reach the site full power (so a 26 GW project such as AREH would include 26 such nodes).

The nodes are connected through a transmission and distribution network. Pipelines feed each node water from a central desalination plant, and export hydrogen to downstream facilities such as ammonia or HBI plants. Power lines and cables operate in island grids, connecting turbines and solar powerplants to the electrolysers, while others feed downstream facilities. A road and track infrastructure links all nodes for operation and maintenance.

Downstream facilities finally are centralized in a single
location, which includes:

  • Water desalination plants
  • Ammonia synthesis plants and storage
  • Facilities such as HBI plants, e-Methanol or SNG plants, depending on the project
  • H2 or NH3 export pipelines
  • Import and Export harbors


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